180 degree rear view Mirror for Spyder (RT ONLY)


Seeing is believing and when you put one of these on your Spyder you will not want to go without it! This is one of the most amazing convex mirrors you will ever see and use. At just 8.5″ wide it gives you a view from side view mirror to side view mirror and covers all your blindspots to your side and rear, This is truly an amazing piece that you will not want to do without.

Mounting Options:
1) Use the included 3M VHB feet to stick to windshield
2) See options for “custom bracket package” $74.95 which includes a Multi Mount system shown above. Multi mount comes with 3 ball mount (expandable up to 5 ball mount) and includes a 2″ double socket arm

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Product Description

See options for Custom Spyder Mount Package for 180 Degree Mirror. Includes TricLED bracket for mirror, RAM short-double arm, “C” Spyder dash mount for Spyder RT $54.95

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