Can-Am Spyder RT (S) Slip-On Systems


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Product Description

The Can-Am Spyder is a machine unlike any other out of the road and it needs an exhaust system to compliment its unique craftsmanship. The all-new Two Brothers Racing V.A.L.E. slip-on system for the Can-Am Spyder RT will unlock the potential of this three-wheeled machine, starting by instantly taking off an incredible 13 pounds from the stock option. By reducing the weight, horsepower and torque are improved, unlocking the performance of this one-of-a-kind machine. The M-5 slip-on exhaust is available in two premium styles, with the option of either our carbon fiber or titanium canister.

The original Two Brothers Racing muffler with the part number of “005-283” will not work with a hitch. The current “005-323” muffler works with or without the hitch.


Performance Specifications

  Stock TBR Difference
Peak HP +2.77 hp
Peak Torque +0.97 ft-lbs
Max HP Gain 4.34 @7000rpm +4.34
Max Torque Gain 3.2 ft-lbs @5000rpm +3.2
Weight 20 lbs 7 lbs -13 lbs
Sound 92 db @4500rpm 99 db @5000rpm +7 db
with P1 insert 96 db @5000 rpm -3 dB
with P1-X insert 94 db @5000 rpm -2 dB
Catalyst yes yes
O2 Sensor yes yes


Spyder RT Slip-On Instructions