1 pair Dual Color Run / Brake & Yellow Turn LED


These New Dual color light bars are simply amazing. There is about 66 nano size LED’s packed inside this Patent Pending smoked tube. These are unlike the old style strip LED’s with individual LED’s, it is continuous and gives out 3 times the amount of light compared to old style technology. It increases not only your rear visibility but also to anyone that is in your rear quarter view. Mounted on the rear angle portion of your grab bar and mounts higher than your factory tail lights giving you better visibility from traffic behind. When you activate your turn signal the red LED’s turn yellow and makes it highly visible. Comes complete with an OEM harness for plug and play installation for running and brake and OEM harness for turn signals. No cutting or tapping into any factory wires.

Sold as a pair, you may use additional pair as shown above on the ST models.