1 Trunk LED with on/off switch and dual USB plug


A quick and convenient way to add some usable light in the front or rear of the RT. Specially encased in a black tube to seamlessly blend into the trunk Comes with an inline on/off switch on the wire and plugs in via USB. Kit comes with 1 LED tube and a dual multi info 3.1 USB fast charger, one with 3M double sided tape and the other with a hook type of velcro to quickly mount in the front trunk equipped with trunk liner. Either way it makes for easy mounting. The USB charger has a dual USB port that charges up to 3.1A fast charge. Has a scrolling display of voltage on your Spyder, amp draw when using and ambient temperatute. Using dual USB port allows you to charge and use your light at the same time.

Get the pack of two LED strip and save or even add another usb charger for the front trunk. See option below.

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