2015-2023 BAJARON F3 bar kit


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2015-2023 F3 sway bar kit. comes with links, your choice of color (Red, Silver, or Blue) If no color is specified, you will receive your End Links in Red. If you have any questions please email me The F3 Spyder brings a great deal of performance to the table. From the 1330, 3-Cylinder Ace motor to the Naked Frame and Adjustable riding position, the F3 Spyder has heads turning while it Carves Up the Road. The F3 Spyder does handle well right out of the crate. But you will see a significant improvement with the BajaRon Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar Kit installed. This Custom – High Performance Anti-Sway Bar will make a world of difference that you can feel right from the first ride and every time you round a curve in the road, pass a big truck, or encounter strong crosswinds. All without increasing ride height or giving your Spyder a harsh or stiff ride. The BajaRon Custom Anti-Sway Bar Will Not affect Front End Alignment The BajaRon Anti-Sway Bar replaces the Original, Stock Sway Bar on your Can-Am Spyder The BajaRon Anti-Sway Bar does not affect ride stiffness or suspension height. There is no Drilling or modifications needed Full, Detailed Instructions included An Anti-Sway Bar is a stabilizing component of your front suspension, it IS NOT a Shock Absorber. An Anti-Sway Bar resists Lean Angle and is completely neutral when side force is not present. The more the side force, the more the Anti-Sway Bar works to counteract Lean Angle. It is a Seamless, Progressive Process which effectively Transfers ‘Weight’ from the (Heavy) outside wheel to the (Light) Inside Wheel, giving you a flatter, more controlled turn. Users refer to this effect as “Feeling like you’re on Rails!” Lean Angle occurs when you turn, in a strong crosswind, or anytime there is sideways force causing your Spyder to lean to the left or to the right. The combination of a Larger Diameter and High Tensile Strength Steel of the BajaRon Anti-Sway Bar increases tire contact and traction with the road surface while reducing Lean Angle. You get flatter turns, better handling, more control, less weight shift and wheel lift, greater stability, better traction (in turns) and more control. Installation is relatively simple and straight forward. My Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar is an exact replacement for the original equipment bar. Installation requires no special tools or modifications to your Spyder. Most can do this job in 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Many Spyder Owners with adjustable shock spring pre-load capability raise the Coil Spring setting on their Front Shocks hoping to reduce Body Lean, gain more steering control and improve stability. This approach will produce moderate improvement, but also creates a stiffer, harsher ride. Stiffening the Coil Shock Springs to control Lean Angle is attacking the problem with the wrong tool. Though shocks are extremely important to a safe, comfortable and controlled ride, they cannot do the job of an Anti-Sway Bar. Installing the BajaRon Custom Anti-Sway Bar will GREATLY reduce Lean Angle without giving the rider a stiff, harsh or uncomfortable ride. Not only do you get better, more controlled handling, but fatigue is reduced and ride comfort is enhanced. Because a stiffer shock spring setting is no longer needed, many Spyder owners return their shock springs to the 2nd or 3rd detent after installing the Custom Performance bar resulting in a much smoother ride. In slow speed, mild turns you will not notice much difference between the original Anti-Sway Bar and the BajaRon Custom Performance bar. If your overall riding style is very cautious you may not notice a big difference. As speed increases or turns become tighter the Custom Performance bar will make more difference. The harder the turn, the more difference this Custom Bar will make. The results are amazing! You will Receive 1- BajaRon Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar for a 2015 – 2020 F3 – All Models (Gloss Black Powder Coat) 1- Bajaron Custom Billet Aluminum Heim Joint Link Set 1- Set Block Bushings 1- Set Extended Mounting Bolts & Nylock Nuts 1- Full Install Instruction Set Some Original Hardware is Re-Used (Mounting Brackets, Nuts and Bolts) Complete, detailed Installation Instructions Included BajaRon’s Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar is exact replacement for original bar. No modifications are required .


The new Ultra-Bar will not give any appreciable advantage to the light or conservative rider. But for the heavy riders, it will make a great deal of difference. The original bar is still a great improvement for everyone. It’s just that the Utra-Bar will really put a bigger smile on the heavy, aggressive rider.

The Ultra Bar is an upgraded version of the original sway bar and it is better suited for those that are of a heavier build, ride 2 up, and for those that ride more aggressively. It is a 3-piece design, like the Ryker Bar Kit.

The Ultra-Bar is not just more bling. It really makes a difference, depending on the riders.

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