2019+ DRL Dual-Color A-Arm with White/Yellow Turn Signals



Our Dual-color DRL has been one of the most successful products launched.   In fact, we pioneered the DRL back in 2008 with the very first can am GS model and continue to rewrite the standards in safety and visibility.
Our Pat Pend dual-color is encased in a smoke tubed silicone and with LED’s packed continuously unlike old-style LED’s where they are spaced apart and only coated with glue that discolors and hardens in just a few months.

The new 2019 Fenders completely changed and the setup is now easier with all new OEM style harness.  The kit comes with 4 pcs dual-color A-Arm LEd strip.  They glow bright white when the key is turned on and switch to yellow when the turn signal is activated.

For all 2019+ new style fender, we recommend using an OEM style fender splitter kit (sold separately).  Once you have this you can easily expand and use this setup for any single or dual color add ons in the future.

You will need this splitter kit to install the Dual-color DRL kit.  Simply choose your model below and select to add the harness splitter if you don’t already have one.