BajaRon 2013-2023 RT Custom Sway Bar Kit


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2013-2023 RT sway bar kit. comes with links, your choice of color (silver, red, or blue) If no color for the End Links is specified, you will receive them in Red The Original, Stock Anti-Sway Bar on your Can-Am Spyder is very weak allowing a great deal of Lean Angle even in moderate turns. More aggressive riding may lift the inside front tire completely off the roadway. BajaRon’s Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar will greatly improve how your 2013-2019 Spyder RT, RTS or RT Limited handles when negotiating turns, passing large vehicles at speed, or when riding in strong crosswind situations. BajaRon’s Anti-Sway Bar will Increase Stability and Steering Control and reduces the amount of effort required to move the handlebars which reduces fatigue. BajaRon’s Anti-Sway Bar does not affect ride stiffness or suspension height. This Bar WILL NOT give you a harsh or stiff ride as will overly stiff shocks. BajaRon’s Anti-Sway Bar does not affect front end alignment. There is no Drilling or modifications needed No Special Tools Needed Full, Detailed Instructions included An Anti-Sway Bar resists Lean Angle and is completely neutral when side force is not present. The more the side force, the more the Anti-Sway Bar works to counteract Lean Angle. It is a Seamless, Progressive Process which effectively Transfers ‘Weight’ from the (Heavy) outside wheel to the (Light) Inside Wheel, giving you a flatter, more controlled turn. Users refer to this effect as “Feeling like you’re on Rails!” Lean Angle occurs when you turn, in a strong crosswind, or anytime there is sideways force causing your Spyder to lean to the left or to the right. An Anti-Sway Bar is a stabilizing component of your front suspension, it IS NOT a Shock Absorber. The larger diameter of this Custom Performance Bar makes it stronger, stiffer and more able to counter Lean Angle than the Original Equipment Bar. You get flatter turns, better handling, more control, less wheel lift, greater stability, better traction (in turns) and more control. Installation is relatively simple and straight forward. My Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar is an exact replacement for the original equipment bar. Installation requires no special tools or modifications to your Spyder. Most can do this job in 1-1/2 to 2 hours. It is necessary to get 18″ to 20″ of clearance from the bottom of the frame to the floor. This is usually done with a jack but other methods have been used. Front wheels do not need to be suspended and can rest on the lifting surface if desired Installing the BajaRon Custom Anti-Sway Bar will GREATLY reduce Lean Angle without giving a stiff, harsh or uncomfortable ride. Not only do you get better, more controlled handling, but fatigue is reduced and ride comfort is enhanced. Even in slow speed, mild turns you will notice a difference between the original Anti-Sway Bar and the BajaRon Custom Performance bar. As speed increases or turns become tighter the Custom Performance bar will make a greater difference. The harder the turn, the more difference this Custom Bar will make. The results are amazing!


What Comes In Your Sway Bar Kit You will Receive 1- BajaRon Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar for the 2013 – 2020 RT, RT-S, RT Ltd. Can-Am Spyder (Gloss Black Powder Coat) 1- Set of Aircraft grade, Billet Aluminum Heim Joint Links 1- Set Block Bushings 1- Set of Extended Sway Bar to Heim Joint Link Bolts Some Original Hardware is Re-Used (Mounting Brackets, Nuts and Bolts) Complete, detailed Installation Instructions Included BajaRon’s Custom Performance Anti-Sway Bar is exact replacement for original bar. No modifications are required to existing components


The new Ultra-Bar will not give any appreciable advantage to the light or conservative rider. But for the heavy riders, it will make a great deal of difference. The original bar is still a great improvement for everyone. It’s just that the Utra-Bar will really put a bigger smile on the heavy, aggressive rider.

The Ultra Bar is an upgraded version of the original sway bar and it is better suited for those that are of a heavier build, ride 2 up, and for those that ride more aggressively. It is a 3-piece design, like the Ryker Bar Kit.

The Ultra-Bar is not just more bling. It really makes a difference, depending on the riders.

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