Dynamic Driving Spotlight 2019+ Spyders (all F3 and RT models)

Original price was: $329.95.Current price is: $299.95.


Since 2008 our legendary Dynamic driving light has been customer’s favorite for added distance driving lights. This is not your ordinary off the shelf lights, custom made for by us with exclusive Cree LED that outputs 5950 Lumens each light! It’s brighter then your headlights! See pics above.

The best part is how it follows the turn of the handlebar, which dramatically increases visibility wherever you point the vehicle similar to todays cars.

This version is our 3rd generation with newly designed bracket exclusively for the new Spyder 2019+ for all F3 and RT models

The spotlight LED feature anodized surface coating, with direct plug and play custom harness, waterproof on/off push button switch and inline fuse all built in.