Engine guard with integrated VSS stone guard and Rectifier cooler channel.

We take pride in making parts the are tested and proven to provide an advantage or performance upgrade to all of our parts. They not only look really nice, but they really work.

Our engine guard is easy to install and takes about 30 minutes to complete the task.

Our Guard is make of 304 Stainless and provide bullet proof protection to the underside of your bike including the engine bay. We have integrated several benefits for your bike with this unit. A VSS control box shield as well as a air scoop to improve air flow over your rectifier.  we provide an easy access port for oil changes as well as protection to the lower side of the radiator case as it fastens under the front bumper.

This is a really well designed application that we hope you enjoy, also consider our Chin Spoiler that complements the Ryker design and tie into ad is an addition to this system.

Installation time is 30 minutes.