F3 – Rear Run/Brake/Turn signal LED


When installing safety and visible especially for brakes you want to be up high for maximum visibility! The low sleek rear end of the F3 really gets noticed with this one piece custom design.

This new, patented tube design is an all in one Run/Brake and turn signal LED. Sits higher than the factory lights and is much brighter than stock OEM or any other LED strips out there. The special one piece design goes across the entire rear deck and encased in a light smoke tube and blends right into place. No cutting or splicing any factory wires, we provide you with the Factory OEM connector for each side. You simply mount the light route your wires into the rear and plug into the harness. This is one of our favorite additions, up higher than factory lights, clean, sleek, simple in design that has huge safety advantages for visibility from the rear!