Full Size Parking Brake Pedal for Spyder RS/GS


Sometimes I never know what Steve is tinkering about in his closed garage. One day he came out and said check these out! He said he never cared for the small pedal under his shoe and always thought that it should be a full size one and so here it is.

Special stamped out steel enforced and welded bracket. Uses the same mounting hole for a simple direct replacement for both the RS and RT models.

One of our fellow Spyder rider came in to the shop one day and showed us this bruise he had on his left leg, it was actually quite graphic and told Steve this was the third time his foot had slipped off the parking brake causing him to hit the foot peg. This last time he couldn’t walk for two days he said.

So Steve got to thinking that afternoon and next thing you know the sparks were flying. By that afternoon Steve had made him an extended parking brake that doubled the size of the original. You should have seen the customers face and how happy he was. Since then more local guys started asking him for one so Steve went to work and here it is.

Steve’s new full size parking brake. Made with the same stamped out steel plate and threaded the same like the OEM bolts. It’s a simple swap you’ll be glad you did.

No more slipping or looking for that parking brake!

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Full size brake pedal $50 with free domestic shipping. Int’l orders please email for shipping charge difference.