LED Headlights for F3/F3-T


There's been several F3 LED headlight floating around but none will give you the results like our specifically designed and engineered led's made just for your F3! The generic ones looked great on the bike but very un-useful for driving lights. Many of you have asked and my reply has always been I would not sell anything that I don't believe in or use myself. Until now! The only way to get this done was too spec our own LED's. This project for the F3 has taken us 4 months right behind the Spyder RT design. Sourcing only the best USA made chips and an aircraft grade aluminum body design. Installation is made easy due to the special twist off base that allows you to use all factory rubber boot covering without any modifications, cutting or splicing of any factory wires. Factory low nd high beam just like the original bulb. Tested and driven in real world environments especially at night to make sure it is better than factory OEM's. We designed a specific OEM bulb to give you maximum usable light output to penetrate down the road the way a driving light is suppose to be. 6000K color ensures that it is the brightest and most usable light for driving. Higher temps gives you more blue and less projection, lower color temps and you'll blend right in with traffic and safety visibility starts to diminish. It is why most motorcycle accidents happen when cars pull out in front of them, other drivers just don't see them because their headlights is the same color as everything else around them. When your coming down the road with these you are right away spotted because of the bright white color, very much like many new cars coming down the road with LED's or HID's.

At TricLED, we might not be the first but we're the first to do it right. That's what were known for! We test and use every product we sell and stand behind them!

If you have the factory OEM foglight you will love the amazing brightness of the new LED replacement.

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