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ORACLE Engine Bay LED Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote


This Plug and Play LED kit from ORACLE Lighting features high powered 5050 SMD Flexible LED Strips in a variety of sizes. The LEDs are controlled by a wireless controller with a range of over 100ft. The controller can make the LEDs strobe, pulse, dim and breathe with the push of a button. All popular colors are available including ColorSHIFT® color-changing LEDs. Product comes in retail ready packaging, is waterproof and includes a 1-Year Warranty.

2704-001 White
2704-003 Red
2704-004 Green
2704-006 Yellow
2704-007 Purple
2704-009 Pink
2704-333 ColorSHIFT


Product Specs:
– Super Bright 5050 SMD’s
– Plug & Play Connectors
– Wireless Transmitter
– Waterproof LEDs
– 3M Self Adhesive Backing
– Easy Installation
– In-Line Fuse Included
– 1 Year Warranty
– 8 Different Popular Colors

Kit includes the following:
– Pair (x2) of 12 (9 LED) Strips
– Pair (x2) of 8 (6 LED) Strips
– Pair (x2) of 4 (3 LED) Strips
– Wireless remote control
– Wireless control box