Customizing Can-Am Spyder

The Can-Am Spyder comes in several different models strait from the factory that looks great right. off the show room floor. But I like most Spyder owners want to personalize their machines. Personalizing comes in the form of performance and looks.

The people that want performance upgrade things like exhaust, suspension components and engine management systems such as juice boxes, ignition components and air intake systems. These items allow the Spyder to handle better and perform faster than the original factory specs.

Looks are the most common form of personalization. It is only bound by the owner’s imagination. There are different ways to dress up the body panels as they are easily removed and can be custom painted. Vinyl wraps is another way to go. There are many different wraps made just for the Spyder that you can purchase to represent your own style and flavor. Having the metal parts plated is another option. They can be powder coated, chrome or gold plated. This really makes the factory peg mounts and handlebar fittings stand out especially when accenting them with after market grips, pegs and floorboards.



Things wouldn’t be right with out music so adding a sound system will definitely make the ride more enjoyable. There are several different aftermarket companies that make sound systems for motorcycles that can easily be retrofitted to fit the Spyder.

Custom wheels are also attention getters that will separate your Spyder from the rest of the pack. You can add a custom set of wheels and tires that would take you from the factory look into a class all your own.



My favorite is lighting. It’s always good to be seen when riding a motorcycle. With the introduction of LED lights the possibilities are endless. They are low voltage, come in many colors and are very bright. You can add controllers that can blink, fade, strobe or even change colors of the lights. Light placement can make a huge difference as you can accent an area with color and not actually see the light source. When you turn them on at night it gives the bike a whole new look and a real attention getter.



Well that’s it for my spin on customizing your Spyder I hope this gives you ideas and you share your stories with me at Spyderboyz .com .